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Seal of Heredia, Costa Rica  Heredia is a province of Costa Rica located in its north-central area in which remains some of the colonial elements from its origins. To the north it borders Nicaragua, to the east is the province Limón, to the south the province San José, and to the west Alajuela. The capital is the city of Heredia. The province covers an area of 2,656.98 km², and has a population of 449,257. The "province of flowers", as named by Costa Ricans, is subdivided into ten cantons and forty seven districts.

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Province of Heredia

Map of Heredia in Costa Rica Location: At the easthern side of the center of the northern zone of Costa Rica.
Coordinates: 10°25'N 84°0'W
Subdivisions: Cantons: 10, Districts: 47
Area: 2,656.98 km² 1 (1,041.31 sq mi)
Population: 449,257 (2010) 2
Capital City: Heredia.
     Elevation: 1,150 m ASL (3,773 feet)
     Average Temperature: 19.8 °C (67.6 °F)
     Annual Rainfall: 1,500 - 2,000 mm (59-79 inches)
Features & Attractions:
* "El Fortín", "Liceo de Heredia", "República de Argentina" school, Heredia Church, Postal Office Building, Culture Museum.
* Braulio Carrillo National Park, Barva Volcano, Sarapiquí river.
* UNA, OVSICORI, INBIO (National Biodiversity Institute and Park), La Selva Biological Station.
* Palacio de Los Deportes, Ojo de Agua, Monte de la Cruz.
* Typical Restaurant La Casona de Mi Tierra (San Pablo).
* Ecotourism: Gavilán Lodge (Puerto Viejo, Sarapiquí), Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge (Sarapiquí).
   Cerro Dantas Wildlife Refuge (Highlands of Heredia).

The Province of Heredia and its Cantons
Notes & References for this table:   [1] IGN 2009.   [2] INEC (Jan 2009).  [3] Range of temperature throughout the province.  [4] Distance (in km) and direction, from the capital of province.  [5] Altitude (in m above sea level) and temperature at the capital city of the province.  [6] Capital of province.  [7] From San José.
Canton Name Area [1] (km2) Population (2009) [2] Temp. [3] Capital km from CoP [4] Altitude (m ASL), Temp. [5] Rainfall (mm/year) Foundation
1Heredia [6]282.60119,67023ºCHeredia 10, N [7] 150 | 23ºC 2,250Dec 7, 1848
2Barva53.8032,27215-24ºCBarva3, N1,176 2,500Dec 7, 1848
3Santo Domingo24.8439,152 Santo Domingo3, SE1,1702,000Sep 28, 1869
4Santa Bárbara53.2133,514 Santa Bárbara7, NNW1,1403,000Oct 3, 1855
5San Rafael48.3942,65120-22ºCSan Rafael 2, NE 1,2642,500May 28, 1885
6San Isidro26.9618,12716-25ºCSan Isidro 8, E 1,360 | 17.4ºC2,500Jul 13, 1905
7Belén12.1522,53021ºCSan Antonio8, WSW9122,000Jun 8, 1907
8Flores6.9617,408 San Joaquín4, SW1,0542,500Aug 12, 1915
9San Pablo7.5323,513 San Pablo 2, E 1,2002,250Jul 18, 1961
10Sarapiquí2,140.5455,089 Puerto Viejo 51.8, NNE 374,500Nov 18, 1970

Map of Heredia
"El Fortín": main monument in Heredia .
"El Fortín", built in 1876 have 13.24 m of height.
Iconic monument of the province of Heredia, Costa Rica.

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 Heredia city, as the capital of the province, is currently undergoing a rapid process of industrialization, and is located 10 kilometers north of the capital of Costa Rica, San José. The city is home to one of the second-largest university in the country, the National University of Costa Rica (UNA), that accepts many international students, and formerly was the "Escuela Normal de Heredia". The campus of the UNA is named after the great educator and patriot Omar Dengo.

Warm most of the year, the temperatures are tempered by the amount of cloud cover that characterizes the zone. The rains are spread throughout the year, but the rainiest period is from May to October.

From the beginnings of Costa Rica as a militarized country, as a perennial testimony of the lack of military expertise of Costa Rican people, the main monument of Heredia, the "Fortín" fort tower exhibits its peepholes opening wide to outside, giving advantage for the enemy fire. But as the rare editions of postage stamps whose value lies on its defects, the "Fortín" is now one of the treasured monuments to the peace of a country whose people abolished its army. By edict of 2 November 1974, the "Fortín" was declared National Monument.

From a popular culture and folklore point of view, Heredia (mainly the capital city and the region belonging to the Central Plateau or "Valle Central") is called "Ciudad de las Flores" (city of flowers) not as much due to the presence or cultivation of flowers (which can justify it), but by traditional allusiveness to original people established in the original colonial settlement, having "Flores" (flowers) as their last name. But also this denomination is used to make realized about the beauty of Heredian women, which are considered by many Costa Ricans and foreigners as the most beautiful in the country.

Notes & References:
(Repeated citations ordered in parenthesis)
1 (1,2) - Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), 2009.
2 (1,2) - Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INEC), most recent publications.

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