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Seal of Limón, Costa Rica  Limón is a province of Costa Rica located on the eastern part of the country at the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It borders with Nicaragua at N, the Atlantic Ocean at E, Panamá at SE, and clockwise from S to W, the provinces Puntarenas, San José, Cartago and Heredia. The Río Sixaola forms the eastern part of the province border with Panama. The capital is Puerto Limón. The province has an area of 9,188.52 km², and a population of 444,884. The province is subdivided into 6 cantons and 28 districts.

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Province of Limón

Map of Limón in Costa Rica Location: At the eastern part of the country along the coast of the Caribbean Sea.
Coordinates: 10º00'29"N 83º15'06"W
Subdivisions: Cantons: 6, Districts: 28
Area: 9,188.52 km² 1 (3,547.70 sq mi)
Population: 444,884 (2010)2
Capital City: Limón.
     Elevation: 3 m ASL (10 feet)
     Average Temperature: 27.5° C (78.1° F)
     Annual Rainfall: 3,000 - 4,000 mm (118-157 inches)
Features & Attractions:
* Puerto Limón, Puerto Viejo, Pococí, Sixaola river.
* Cultural celebrations: "Carnavales de Limón" (October).
* Beaches: Playa Bonita, Cahuita, Chiquita, Punta Uva, Manzanillo.
* Tortuguero & Cahuita National Parks, La Amistad International Park.
* Barra del Colorado & Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuges.
* Ecotourism: Samoa Lodge (Tortuguero, Limón), Ciudad Perdida EcoLodge and Cahuita Tours (Cahuita, Limón), Rain Forest Aerial Tram.

The Province of Limón and its Cantons
Notes & References for this table:   [1] IGN 2009.   [2] INEC (Jan 2009).  [3] Range of temperature throughout the province.  [4] Distance (in km) and direction, from the capital of province.  [5] Altitude (in m above sea level) and temperature at the capital city of the province.  [6] Capital of province.  [7] From San José.
 Canton Name  Area [1] (km2) Population (2009) [2] Temp. [3] Capital km from CoP [4] Altitude(m ASL),
Temp. [5]
Rainfall (mm/year) Foundation
1Limón [6]1.765,79 107,219 22-30ºCLimón 120, E [7] 3 | 27ºC 3,500 Dec 7, 1848
2Pococí2,403.49 122,832 24-33ºC Guápiles85, WNW262 5,000 Sep 19, 1911
3Siquirres860.19 61,349 28-30°C Siquirres60, WNW62 | 29ºC 4,000 Sep 19, 1911
4Talamanca2,809.93 32,555 24-30ºCBribrí64, SSE32 4,000 May 20, 1969
5Matina48.39 40,321 24-30ºCMatina 30, WNW 11 4,000 Jun 24, 1969
6Guácimo26.96 41,537 24-33ºCGuácimo 80, WNW 114 4,500 May 8, 1971

Map of Limón
Campesino. Limón, Costa Rica
Limón, Costa Rica.

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 A half of residents of Limón are Afro-Caribbean (mostly Jamaican) ancestry; indeed the city, and the province in general, is home to most of citizens of African descent in Costa Rica. English creole and spanish are spoken in the province. The town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a popular touristic and surfing destination featuring the Salsa Brava and Cockle beach.

The capital of Limón Province is Puerto Limón (with a population of around 105,000), and is the main Caribbean port city in the country, featuring the terminals of Limón and Moín. Originally from Jamaica, Afro-Caribbean workers were brought to this area (late 19th century) to build the railroad line from San José to Limón, which boosted the banana exports and the Costa Rican economy in general.

The yearly fall carnival is famous in Costa Rica, celebrated the week of October 12 (in remembrance of the date Columbus first arrival at Limón coast in 1502, during his fourth voyage). This festival draws visitors from across the country and even from abroad, as well as a wide variety of merchants who sell everything for the occasion.

Notes & References:
(Repeated citations ordered in parenthesis)
1 (1,2) - Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), 2009.
2 (1,2) - Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INEC), most recent publications.

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